Different Ways To Say Hi On Tinder And Get A Response

In this Hayley Quinn video, I talk you through what are some good first messages to send on dating apps. Let’s UNITE to change how we experience dating! Join UNITE now: NOTE – I love to teach you how to meet her in real life. Dating apps are fine but limited. *** Find me on

Tinder ‘About MeExample: Steal My Lines!

Tinder profile text tips for guys. Tinder coach Louis will give you the best lines you can use for your about me on Tinder. Article: The Dating Profile Checklist [FREE DOWNLOAD]: LouisInstagram: /

Biggest Mistakes Guys Make On Tinder

Today I’m going to share with you some of the biggest mistakes guys regularly make on Tinder. Because trying to get matches, and text women, and get them out on dates can be difficult or downright impossible if you’re doing these few things wrongly. In this tutorial I’m going to look at the 3 top

Tinder’s Most Successful Guys Build My Profile (Watch & Learn!)

Last time, three girls had access to all my photos and were asked to build the best online dating profile. Do girls really know best what girls want? In this video, the girls got replaced by 4 guys. Not your random Tindering guys, but some of the best guys from the Mentoring Program. Let’s see

How to Write a Great Tinder Bio (For Guys)

Some guys have a profile text that scares off women. While your bio can be an easy way to get more matches and better conversations. Apply the 4 tips from this video and you’ll be ahead of your competition. ⚡SUBSCRIBE & WIN Win a 60-minute coaching call! Subscribe, comment, and follow me on Instagram. ⚡FREE

5 Tips For the Best First Tinder Messages

If you’re new to online dating or texting, then you might still send dry first messages. Greetings, compliments, or boring questions. In today’s video, you get all the tips you need to increase your reply rate by at least 69%. ⚡SUBSCRIBE & WIN Win a 60-minute coaching call! Subscribe, comment, and follow me on Instagram.

How to Use Tinder in Thailand to get the HOTTEST Girls (Tinder in Asia)

Recently I’ve been traveling to Asia. Specifically, Hong Kong, Thailand and Japan. While there, I’ve been using Tinder, and trying different methods. In this video I break down one of my real Tinder conversations. You’ll see how being casual can seriously work in your favor. So long as you’re chill, and your Tinder Opener is


Hey guys! I hope you guys are doing good. To connect with me on daily basis 👇🏻 As we all know that unfortunately majority of the guys are labeled to be creepy when it comes to texting. This video is an attempt to guide you guys about how text a girl. We have discussed the

Best Tinder Conversation Starters + Tips For Getting A Response

Looking for the best tinder conversation starters ? We’ve got you covered in this video we bring you Best Tinder Conversation Starters + Tips For Getting A Response. In this video we are going to cover best Tinder conversation starters that’ll leave them wanting more. Related Tags:- tinder conversation topics best tinder conversation starters reddit