South Charm: اشلی جیکوبز شاخه زیتون را تا کاترین دنیس امتداد می دهد


Ashley Jacobs extended the olive branch to Kathryn Dennis after making hurtful remarks about her parenting skills on the latest episode of Southern Charm.  

The ladies were both attending a fox hunt hosted by Eliza Limehouse, and attendees were all on edge knowing the pair were not on good terms. 

Still, Ashley was insistent on making peace with Kathryn, and pulled her aside to apologize for the insensitive comments.   

Apologies: Kathryn Dennis (L) received an apology from Ashley Jacobs (R) for the insensitive comments she made about her abilities as a mother

‘What I said to you was none of my f**king business,’ Ashley told Kathryn.  ‘Who am I to tell somebody how they should raise their kids.’

The pair share a connection, having both dated Thomas Ravenel. Kathryn has two children with him.  

Ashley said she came to the realization her remarks were wrong after returning to California, where her family gave her silent treatment over the comments.   

‘I really wanted you to know I was not a threat to you, I was never trying to break up your family, I was really supportive of you and Thomas’ relationship. I was your biggest fan,’ she said. 

‘What I said to you was none of my f**king business’: Ashley knew she never should have gotten involved 

‘I don’t buy it’: Kathryn was not convinced by Ashley’s change of heart 

Kathryn was not convinced by Ashley’s change of heart.   

‘I don’t know how you can go from one polar end opposite of the spectrum to this one, I don’t buy it,’ she said.  

‘You don’t buy what, my apology?’ Ashley asked. 

‘I’m not asking for forgiveness, I want some kind of peace,’ she continued. ‘If I see you around, I don’t want there to be any hard feelings or animosity. I want to be able to wave to you and say, “Hey I hope you are doing well.”‘

‘I want some kind of peace’: Jacobs said she wasn’t looking for Kathryn’s forgiveness

‘I appreciate that’: Kathryn ended up making peace with Jacobs over the remarks 

‘I just want to feel safe and normal,’ Kathryn replied. 

‘I’m deeply sorry. I’m sorry for hurting you. I wish I could go back, I wish I could take it back,’ Ashley said. 

‘I appreciate that,’ Kathryn replied. 

Afterwards, Kathryn said there was no way she could ever completely forgive Ashley. 

Not so fast: Kathryn said there was no way she would ever completely forgive her 

Giddy up! The stars were attending a fox hunt thrown by Eliza 

‘Hell no,’ she said, during a one-on-one interview.  

While Ashley was attempting to repair one relationship, another cast member was on the brink of severing ties with some of his close pals.   

Austen Kroll’s friends were not happy to hear he had decided to reconcile with Madison LeCroy. 

Having some fun: The cast had gathered together at Eliza’s plantation 

Cheers to a second try: Meanwhile, Austen Kroll reconciled with Madison LeCroy

The pair decided to give their relationship another shot during a dinner date, where they solidified their renewed commitment by exchanging ‘I love you’s.’   

Though Austen was on cloud nine, his happiness was short-lived once he realized he would have to break the news to his pals.   

No one was happy to hear about the reconciliation, after all the drama that occurred the last time Austen was with Madison, particularly Shep Rose. 

Sealed with a kiss: The on-again couple shared a smooch at the dinner table 

Not happy: Austen’s friends were not happy to hear they decided to give it another go 

Listen, listen: Austen said he couldn’t stop thinking about Madison 

‘I can’t help that I just think about her, often,’ Austen explained of his decision to reconcile. ‘If it blows up in my face, then it is my… fault,’ he said. ‘I wish to god that I didn’t feel the way that I do, but I do.’ 

‘I don’t think I’ve ever broken up with a friend before,’ Shep admitted during his one-on-one. 

‘I’m out,’ he told Austen. 

Fans can catch all the Southern Charm drama every Wednesday 9/8c on Bravo.   

‘I’m out’: Shep was far less accepting of the news 

Check it out: Fans can catch all the Southern Charm drama every Wednesday 9/8c on Bravo


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