How To Spot Fake Tinder ProfilesRed Flags To Watch For

With almost 10% of Tinder profiles being fakes or time wasters, what are the red flags you should look for which can help spot scam, spam, or fake women’s accounts? Online dating has always been filled with a certain number of fake women’s accounts, and these prove to be very frustrating with men who want

When To Ask For A Tinder Number

You’ve matched with a cute girl on tinder, how long should you wait before asking for her number? Meeting women on online dating apps, does not always follow the same rules as regular datingin fact men often make a lot of big dating mistakes which cause them to miss out on getting a

Biggest Mistakes Guys Make On Tinder

Today I’m going to share with you some of the biggest mistakes guys regularly make on Tinder. Because trying to get matches, and text women, and get them out on dates can be difficult or downright impossible if you’re doing these few things wrongly. In this tutorial I’m going to look at the 3 top

Tinder Platinum Is Coming

Tinder Platinum membership is about to be released in your country, is it worth upgrading to? Tinder has been rapidly introducing a whole range of new online dating products to ensure it stays competitive. But not all of these products have been useful or worth paying for. But their latest offering, due to be released

Stop Your Tinder Match Rate From Dropping

Sick and tired of your tinder match rate constantly dropping, and it eventually seems like no women in your area are going to be interested in you ever again? Working on my own Tinder, I found a really fantastic strategy for both halting the Tinder ranking decay, and for increasing the variety of women that

How To Edit Tinder PhotosEasily Increase Your Match Rate

You can easily increase your Tinder match rate with your current photos, by editing them with a free mobile app to make them more attractive and rank higher. Getting women to swipe right on you is an artformGetting new photos for your online dating profiles is hard work, but sometimes you can get

Tinder Super BoostIs It A Super Ripoff?

Just over a month ago, Tinder announced it’s brand new Super-Boost function which will reportedly get you up to 100x the exposure to women online as your regular Tinder profile normally gets. But before you go out and spend your hard earned cash on this new feature hoping for 100s of new matches, and more

Is A Good Tinder Profile Worth The Effort? (Tinder Experiment)

How much difference does a good tinder profile really make? I’m going to run a Tinder experiment comparing a profile with good photos of myself vs a profile with average photos. For years now, I’ve been telling guys on Youtube to put in a whole lot of effort on your youtube profiles, but is it

Can You Be Too Ugly For Tinder In 2020?

Can you be too ugly for tinder? Yes, but you’re probably okay! Especially if you’re an average guy! Most men are capable of building a Tinder profile that can compete really well and match with a lot of women, but it’s important to know how. Getting matches isn’t easy if you’re not genetically really gifted

Let Me Review Your Tinder ProfileEP1

Is your Tinder profile any good? Are you getting all the matches and dates you deserve? Today I’ll be going through some viewer’s Tinder profiles to help them find new ways to radically improve their match rates on Tinder. You’re likely going to find some really fantastic tips you can apply to your very own