DATING IN CHINA | Q&A + Dating Horrors, Asian Men, Long-Distance Relationships, tinder Fails, & More

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Want to know what it’s like dating in China? Wonder no more!! I’m hitting you with answers to questions I always get about my dating life…I’m not holding anything back!!

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Questions (for the people who aren’t patient enough to watch the entire video for answers to their questions….JK)
1. Have you ever dated an Asian guy before? 2:22

2. Are you open to dating outside of your race? 4:35
3. Is dating hard in China? 5:11
4. How’s the online dating life? Have you used any onlinew dating apps? 6:27
5. Have you tried long-distancehhhfh fddrelationships while living in China with men from the States or other countries? 7:55
6. Is it difficult to find a good man in China? 9:03
7. Have you tried dating the same sex? 10:14
8. Any dating horror stories? 10:19

9. Do you see yourself settling down in China? 13:19

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