7 Must-have tinder tips for men

Then you install tinder and nothing happens … no matches, no super clicks and the matches you have hardly respond, or never want to date. 

While the whole world is enjoying tinder, you increasingly get the feeling that online dating is not created for you.

 Recognizable? Time for tinder tips for men !

In this article I will teach you:

  • 3 simple tweaks for your profile photos to instantly get 10 times more matches
  • How to turn your profile text into a secret weapon (with examples)
  • A simple principle whereby, if properly applied, every woman responds to your first message
  • The number 1 mistake that almost all men make and how to avoid it
  • How to create the “rollercoaster ride” on tinder which makes her upside down
  • 2 Smart ways to make her invest more than Goldman Sachs
  • How to get her phone number WITHOUT asking

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Three simple tweaks for your profile photos to instantly get 10 times more matches

I’m going to reveal which photos on tinder have the most matches, but first let’s talk about you …

You look more decent than Quasimodo as a man, but you still have trouble getting matches on tinder.

And even for the matches you get, even the rats are running fast.

It sucks because you know what this means … No matches equals no sexy dates or tinder hookups. And yes, no women means no booty but an evening of Netflix ‘n chill on your own with a box of tissues.

But brother, rest assured, in this article you get the magic recipe to make your tinder career rise to unprecedented heights. Welcome to the pros!

The best first profile photo on tinder

The very first thing your potential tinder hookup gets to see is the profile photo that you have chosen.

Of course the appearance is a decisive factor, but more important is having the RIGHT tinder photos.

Here you can make a profit: once you optimize your photos with the help of the few simple tweaks, you can have your number of matches doubled in an instant.

The men who score the best on tinder all use the same ones

simple techniques with their photo.

The photo that is by far the most successful is the ” solo waist-up ” pose.

This means that you take a solo photo and grab your entire upper body or close-up from your shoulders. The most successful photos of men on tinder use this technique, just look at this:

Looking away from the camera

If you are looking for a sneaky tinder trick, do the following ..

Men who do NOT look into the camera are super attractive for women. A focused glance into the distance appears mysteriously to women. A woman does not want to be able to see at a glance who you are and see that catching a pike is the greatest achievement you have ever achieved.

Looking away makes you interesting:

For all glasses wearers among us, combine looking away with the following:

Take a picture without glasses!

Putting your glasses on photos can give you double the number of matches.

Not only does research (including our coach Patrick, a notorious spectacle wearer) show that you get a lot more matches, but in general you are seen as much more attractive.

Do you refuse to take lenses? Then ask a friend to take a few pictures of you without glasses. Big advantage: Because you probably don’t see a ass, you automatically look much more interesting with those compressed eyes;)

Smile vs Focus

As the sharp guys among you have probably noticed, not all men are smiling in the photo above.

This seems strange, someone who smiles does it look nicer?


A psychological experiment shows that men who show emotions of happiness are not as sexually attractive in the eyes of women as men who show emotions of pride, for example. This looks like this:

You don’t have to be an expert in the modeling world to be able to look away from a camera with a focused eye. I bet that during a game of fifa your face will be just as focused on your roommate as that of a surgeon performing heart surgery;)

If you do not like fifa and are not a surgeon, you get the focused look that you want to put on your face as follows:

  • Lightly squeeze your eyes
  • Show forehead wrinkles
  • Slightly tighten your mouth / jaw
  • Look into the distance

See the result here:

The success of a focused look is also supported by one of the world’s largest online dating sites, OkCupid. They found that for men who look away from the camera with a focused look, they are by far the most attractive.

Note: do not immediately delete all your photos that you are smiling at. Smiling tinder photos are still attractive to women, but when it comes to your most important first photo you want to go for a focused look. But smiling photos are still good to have in your profile.

What a profile text looks like on tinder that lets you swim in matches

Everyone understands that your photos are by far the most important thing to score matches.

But what you have to understand is that for the beautiful women on tinder, every swipe to the right is a match.

You want to distinguish yourself, in the bloodthirsty struggle to get hot matches, from ALL other men in ALL ways.

If you think you are unique with your quote from random former presidents, philosophers or psychologists, you are quite wrong.

But don’t worry, I will give you a tested profile text that sets you apart from all the average Gerrit on tinder.

This is the very first thing a woman sees when my profile appears while swiping:

It makes two things clear:

  • I have a sense of humor and I dare to show this. As a result, she does not expect a boring conversation that she already has with all the other men.
  • I come across as creative and therefore interesting. Women appreciate this to a man and her interest is aroused.

With the bouncer “Spooning is life” – plato I take other people on the heel who so eagerly put down inspiring quotes in the hope that people will find them interesting.

You can of course copy this profile description unquestionably, but what matters here is that you find something that YOU think is incredibly funny. Don’t be too serious with your bio, keep it playful, airy and easy to respond to. Humor is a very powerful tool here:

A simple opening sentence that is irresistible to any match

The first message is the trickiest of them all. Many men struggle with coming up with a good opener that produces a nice response.

The lack of creativity is, however, something human at tinder, for women it is no different:

Almost every man will respond to a simple “hi” of a very nice chick, but she only distinguishes herself by her looks from the crowd.

Now I advise you to do the following, get up, walk to the mirror and tell me, do you happen to be this person:


Is the answer yes -> Welcome Leo to this article, I am a big fan of your work! Continue like this.

If the answer is no -> Promise me that for the rest of your life on this planet (and every other one in our solar system) you will never send anything from the category “Hi, all right?”

If you want to stand out, you want to be unique with the first thing you say. Therefore always scan the profile photos and the bio of your match to get a feel for what kind of person she is (it only takes 10 to 20 seconds).

What you are looking for is something to refer to in your opener. You might notice that she has a unique hobby, or that there is something funny about her photos or bio. Whatever it is, try to find something that most boys would not comment on.

This way you get the most responses from women. She realizes that you have taken the time to view her profile. In this way you are already one step ahead of the rest who send her a standard opening sentence.

You want her to experience emotions with what you send. The most effective way is to tease, sometimes it looks funny, sometimes more challenging and sometimes more dominant. What you have to understand is that the teasing is going on, the last thing you want to do is insult a chick.

General rule: Chicks talk with a lot of (but really a lot) dudes via online dating sites and app. The majority of these dudes all send boring stuff without generating any emotion.

If for every message she has to think for 1 or 2 minutes and use brain capacity, then you are much longer in her mind than the other dudes, because the other dudes constantly ask for brainless sentences such as “hey, all right?” Or “what?” for work you do ”which she can answer without thinking. The more she thinks about you, the more special you become for her. After all, you are the only guest who keeps her thoughts occupied for a long time, he must be special, right?

In practice, this looks like this. I tease her here with the text in her bio “never give up”:

Not every match will provide you with inspiration. But what you have to realize is that tinder is a form of entertainment. Women control flirting like Lionel Messi can play football, that goes naturally.

Women like to decorate you, your profile can help you as you see:

Pro tip: Role playing is a magical way to keep the conversation playful and innovative. If a chick makes a comment about my spooning career, then I am completely absorbed in that role. It creates an inside joke between the two of you that you can refer back to later.

As a man you want to come across as creative and authentic.

The standard tinder opening sentences that she already knows, will not work up a nice reaction for her.

An easy way to be unique is by naming very personal things, such as a note about her name:

Do you want many more good tinder opening sentences?

I have written a separate article in which I tell you the 17 best opening sentences, tested and well,:

 The 17 Best tinder Opening Phrases

The secret to which women respond to tinder

One of the woman’s deterring sins that you want to unlearn is to be  needy  . There is nothing as unattractive as a man without a backbone who wants the approval of a woman to feel good.

A man who always finds everything nice, nice, cool and cool what a woman does is shooting himself in the foot.

Both the self-confident and needy appearance has certain characteristics. These attractive features are communicated by the way you act, speak, intonation and facial expression.

It is these qualities of a self-confident man that women fall in love with. Women feel when you possess these valuable qualities and communicate naturally. However, the question is how do you do this online?

A very simple truck to come across as needy is to omit all non-alphanumeric characters!


  • Fewer smileys (only if it is really necessary to get the message across)
  • No question marks behind your questions (this makes it sound less questioning -> less needy)
  • No exclamation points (don’t be the “Nice!” Or “Great!” Dude)

See here what these three points combined look like in practice:

Because of the many smileys she uses, it seems as if she is the one who does her very best to come across as nice as possible. The only time you want to use a smiley in the conversation is if there is a good chance that a woman would otherwise not understand the vibe of your message. See an example here:

In the conversation it was about the banana bar, by sticking a banana behind my sentence “Become a beautiful first date lisa”, makes the whole date idea very playful.

You may also have noticed that I GET IT WITHOUT ANY QUESTION. I am not asking “can i have you instagram please? like every bitch who is afraid of insulting her. I just tell her that I don’t see it on her tinder profile, implying that she should give me her Instagram.

Just a side note gentlemen, checking her Instagram or Facebook is something I always do when in doubt! You do not want to fall into the infamous “tinder trap”, she looks nice on photos but looks in real life as if she has just played an extra role as a ork at LOTR.

Behind this sentence “Found 1 pic i liked” many men would go wrong by pasting an exclamation mark or using an enlarged word such as “really”. DO NOT DO THIS. As soon as you come across as a needy guest, who thinks she is totally amazing without you knowing her, what does that say about you?

Exactly! Apparently you attach great importance to the outcome and you see her as the only possibility to finally get rid of it, after draining that is drier like the humor of Philippe Geubels.

You want to look casual, as if it is all no big deal .

What you do want to do is therefore constantly think about how you can smile and smile and give her challenges. Measure arrogance in a humorous way. That makes everything even more fun for her and indicates self-confidence.

So do NOT have boring, informative, male conversations !!!

In the continuation of your tinder career, avoid these shots on target, they always go next to ..

  • Like everything she does. If she loves horses, that’s no reason to say you love horses too!
  • Congratulate her on her appearance. She knows she’s tasty. Believe me. Every dude does this, complimenting something she is unsure about often works much better!
  • See every question as an opportunity to sell yourself. You are not a BROCHURE who tells you exactly how nice your city is and what there is to do. If she asks a question about what kind of work you do, for example, don’t see this as an opportunity to stamp out as much information about yourself as possible.

Be brief and ask the question like “Technician, you?” If she really wants to know the answer, she can work for it and ask it again.

* Note: Many smileys are used in the profile text above, the reason for this is because it attracts attention. You can experiment with this in your profile text. So in the conversation you will NEVER do this.

Also check out my epic article about how to start your tinder conversations after the opening sentence:

 9 Simple tips to start a tinder conversation

5 How to create the “rollercoaster ride” on tinder which makes her upside down

Have you ever wondered why women watch movies that make them burst into tears? Or why a bastard is so irresistibly attractive to most women?

Everyone knows that women enjoy emotions and want to FEEL them. So you want a woman to experience strong emotions.

But let me reveal a secret to you ..

These emotions can be both positive and negative!

When you know how to alternate between positive and negative emotions, you are in a hurry. It is your duty to give her a rollercoaster ride in which you let her experience every emotion. The winner’s mentality when teasing is this:

“How can I tease her”

Because as my toddler nephew even understands at the age of 6, teasing girls is kissing. Women love men who, at the same time, are funny and a little arrogant:

The power of teasing and flirting is in the variety, no one goes for pleasure in a rollercoaster that just goes up. It’s about the peaks & valleys. Alternate your compliments with teasing punches and the Goliath becomes the roller coasters. Hell yeah, tinder tips !

Here I compliment a chick with the looks of her sister (a photo was on her profile), to tease her with this.

Let her invest in you as Goldman Sachs

Most men show the wrong setting during the conversation. They are busy telling how cool they are and are worth keeping up with.

This is not how you want to start the conversation.

See yourself as a customer who walks into the media market to buy a television. You are not going to try to convince that new flat screen to go home with you, but you are the one who will find out if it meets YOU requirements.

Be the buyer, not the seller.

You must be impressed by the television, not the other way around. Let her sell herself to you.

Now you ask yourself, how the hell am I supposed to do that? You do this by qualifyingher .

There are two simple ways:

1 Do not just ask what a woman does with her life, but ask about the WHY behind the WHAT.

Ask not only what her work is but also  why she chose that work.

2 Make statements about what you think what type she is. So it’s really about a statement and not a covert question.

A form that you can keep is: “You seem to me the type that” X “does / studies / is”. Here you enter at X what you think, for example: “You look like the type that studies (enter here what you think)”

The real reason why you want them to invest

If you apply these techniques correctly, the conversation will mainly be about her. Every time she tells more about herself she will invest more and more in the conversation and therefore in you.

People find something much more fun / interesting / attractive if they have put a lot of energy into it. This still comes from our hunter & collector ancestors. Energy was a precious commodity at the time, so you don’t want all that effort to be for nothing. We want something in return.

This is called cognitive dissonance in psychology .

People feel a strong urge to rationalize those energy investments. Because of this a woman comes up with all sorts of reasons why it was a good idea to put so much energy into the conversation with you. With which she comes to the conclusion that you must be worth it! Whatever you are of course;)

Pro-tip: If you have mastered this, you can combine teasing with qualifying. They reinforce each other as Goku and Vegita together form Gogeta, it is the super saiyan among the conversation techniques.

Above you see her will laugh at the comments and she will also explain herself. This is exactly what you want. If a chick qualifies and you explain the control in the conversation.

How to ensure that a woman adds YOU to whatsapp and sends the first message.

If you have mastered the previous steps, your tinder will be full of fun conversations. This gives you a good feeling and your friends will probably find you a pimp of the Snoop Dogg level. But there is also a danger here, you are just “tinder buddies” with the hot ladies on tinder.

Many nice conversations, but no dates.

Let me tell you 1 thing:

I choose being her Fuckbuddy over Tindermaatje everyday.

So you want to get rid of tinder as quickly as possible! Namely, when you get her on whatsapp you are one crucial step further with the date in real life . You are no longer a random Tindermaat, but someone she talks to on whatsapp, just like her friends, family and people who are close to her.

A golden frame to continue the conversation on whatsapp is that of a sergeant. Instead of asking HER number, give her YOU number and command her to send a message.

This is so different from what she is used to from guests who almost beg for her song. Because it is not a question you come across as more masculine and self-confident.

If you have applied all the previous tips correctly, every woman will feel attracted to you and continue the conversation on whatsapp!

And this is how you ask her out on tinder for a date



In summary, these are the 7 tinder tips:

  1. Look away and do not smile at your profile photo
  2. Stay away from descriptive profile texts
  3. Distinguish yourself with your opening sentence
  4. Make sure you write to give emotions
  5. Tease and flirt
  6. Let the other person invest more in you
  7. Do not ask for the number, but be sure

If you apply all these tips, the wild tinder adventures you’ve always dreamed of will finally come true.


Because Netflix & Chil is going to have a completely different meaning for you.


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Leuk, also mainly because of the many tinder examples you give, I myself work more with Happn but the differences with tinder are I think too small for real difference?
Daan de Ram
Jup Happn is almost the same, the swiping is a bit slower but the conversations are exactly the same. Only on dating sites is it a little more normal to send a little longer, but in the end there are exactly the same foundations in terms of decorating.
Cor W.
Nice to read along with your conversations on tinder. Is it also possible to view entire conversations as an example? Think there is a lot to learn about it. Thank you for this article

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That tip about having you send a message is smart, then she immediately invests more in the conversation and you’re not as needy on tinder as most men hehe 🙂
Exactly what I needed, just 10 chicks opened on tinder and the first 2 responses have arrived. Any tips on how to let the tinder date go like this?
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Nice and busy! I could write tips here, but I already have a monstrous article about it here: 


I have many more matches lately because of the tips you give. It’s funny how you think your profile on tinder is nice, but then some photos work much better. Now more work on converting tinder -> number -> dates. Getting phone numbers is fine, but the dates are a bit sporadic. Sometimes I think it’s half lucky and half lucky. Your tips work well but maybe another vlog or article purely about getting tinder dates and tips about that?
Rod Alfred. 
Maybe a strange question, but is tinder the best medium for people over 40? I am 42 years old and my relationship is over (broke up myself), but is tinder a good dating app or should you use other sites in your 40s? 

best regards 
Rod Alfred.

Daan de Ram
Very good medium still. And it is true that the apps are slightly less popular compared to the young ones. But for you, tinder is the best app. So still a great option. See also InnerCircle (works a little harder on invite) and especially relationship planet is slightly older.
Thanks, nice all the examples of tinder that you use. Your style is very playful, does that work best? I think so, just keep it light and flirt a little sexually in your messages.
Does not work, thank you for your bad advice!
Mark – you
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Tip 3 from the following article would work well for you: 


Pretty nice advice, always thought there was only nonsense online for some reason
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on the app for a few weeks now and must say that I like it very much. Come out of a divorce after being married too young (22 yrs) and can now jump in the dating game at the age of 30 after a period of mourning for my divorce. tinder works well if you have a bit of charisma on the app and also follow the sentences like this. Notice that if you come with standard things, your conversation will quickly stop and you will get nowhere. does it differ if you app with 30ers and 20ers or does it not matter?
There is nothing wrong with me. There is just a bug in the app. that’s why I never get dates.
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Nice and busy Johan !!
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Would you advise me to state my height on my profile? I am 173 cm. 

On the one hand you want to filter out all the girls who care, and on the other hand it seems so uncertain again. If you don’t mention it, it feels a bit like catfish. Photos with friends are not an option, since they are all around 2 meters, so I seem extremely small again.

Daan de Ram
Yo dude, 

173 is not really very small, slightly less than average, a coach of ours is 163 and he has a free-range of 184 cm. 

I wouldn’t call it, don’t women mention their weight?